About Us

We are independent, inter-related organizations engaged in sales of technical products and services to major manufacturers, industries, consultants and related companies.

These include:

  •  Agri-business
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  •  Appliance
  •  Plastics
  •  Automotive
  •  Poultry
  •  Chemical
  • Printing & Converting
  •  Food & Beverage
  •  Pulp & Paper
  • Marine


  • Timber
  •  On/Off Shore Production
  •  Transportation
  • Petroleum
  •  Utilities

Each Corporation is organized and focused to best serve the clients indigenous to its territory, through the representation, and/or distribution of quality principals and products. Personnel from each organization, having specific capabilities, are utilized as resources throughout the group. Significant regular interaction results in cross-training, application assistance and client satisfaction.

Each Company was organized to capitalize on the following strengths:


Highly technical nature of products/services the Company can provide; technology—not price—is the competitive factor.
Long-term relationships between the Company’s executive officers and customers in the respective territories.
Technical competence of executive officers and key associates


In the technical sales representative field, competition generally comes from different techniques and/or technologies. Price is seldom a factor due to exclusive representative agreements with companies having patented products/technologies. Pricing is established by the manufacturers, listed on published price lists, and subject to discount only in unusual circumstances, such as with quantity orders. The number of sales representatives offering competitive technologies is more limited compared with retail or commercial sales.


Each corporation employs outside sales staff, supplemented by experienced inside personnel and contract services. As the business developed, full time office managers, support personnel and additional outside sales engineers were added.


Each corporation has leased adequate space for operations, for the foreseeable future. Offices are maintained in the following locations: